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A. The pretreatment should begin by cleansing the face and other affected areas with the Moisturizer & Cleanser Gel. Doing this immediately after a bath will help to lock in the moisture. This is a medicated Gel with antiseptic properties and is rich in Organic Vitamins A and E, Essential Oils - Lavender and Geranium. Use this Gel for the entire period of the treatment and apply it one or two times daily as required. Gel will be dry to touch within 15 to 20 minutes of application.

B. The Main treatment should begin (after cleansing) with the application of AcneX Essential Oil Blend neat (without dilution) to the affected areas of the face, neck and back as required.
One to two applications per day of 2 to 4 drops, depending on the area to be covered, should be used for each application. This should be done for about 1 week till the affected area clears considerably and pus formation is arrested.
In the 2nd week switch over to AcneX Gel and continue using this Gel one to two times daily for the next 8 to 12 weeks or longer as required.

C. The Skin Revitalizer Lotion should be applied approximately 2 to 3 weeks after commencing with the treatment. It has skin rejuvenating properties and will help to gradually remove scars caused due to Acne. It has gentle exfoliating and moisturizing properties and accelerates skin outer layer renewal and thickening and will help to correct uneven pigmentation and over active oil glands.

D. In case of severe and deep scaring on the Face, due to Acne, it is advisable, to use Scar Tissue Essential Oil Blend / Massage Oil on a regular basis beginning with the 8th week. This is known to help diminish scars. One to two drops should be applied, depending on the area of the scar and left overnight for best results. Any pits can be filled by use of a Herbal Skin Care Face Pack. Use recommended for min 6 months.
E. In case of Chronic and deep-seated Acne, please Detoxify the Body as per our Standard Detoxification Program and/or correct the Hormone Imbalance of the Body using Herbal Dietary Supplements.


1) Most Gels / Essential Oil Blends get absorbed into the skin within 15 to 20 minutes of application and do not leave an oily skin.
2) Do not wash the face for at least one hour after application of any type of Gel / Essential Oil Blend.
3) Leaving Gels and Essential Oil Blends overnight is the best.
4) if excessive Gels / Oil are applied they can be removed by a tissue or cotton.
5) If any irritation occurs, you can remove the applied Gels with plain water and Oils by cleaning the skin with any vegetable oil from your kitchen, or by using Olive or Almond Oil.
6) It is recommended to do a Patch Test before use of Gels / Essential Oil Blends and Massage Oils to check their compatibility with your skin. A Patch Test is done by applying a small quantity of Oil to a small area of delicate skin and leaving it covered by plaster tape for half an hour. If any redness or irritation is noticed, discontinue use, clean the area with any vegetable Oil and wash off the area with soap and water.

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