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Reverse Aging Programs
Beautification of the Body - Naturally !

A. Anti Aging

B. Breast Development

C. Cardiac Overhaul / Natural By Pass / Hypertension
(for Pilots, CEOs / Celebrities)

D. Wrinkle Free / Instant Face Lift / Skin Tightening
(for Models, Actresses and Actors)

E. Hormonal Slimming (for Celebrities / Models / Actresses)

F. Hair Care

G. Skin Care, Pigmentation and Complexion

H. Acne, Black Heads and Blemishes

I. Radiant Eye

J. Physical and Mental Stamina

K. Muscles / Body Development (for Male Models and Actors)

L. Voice / Speech Development (for Actors and Singers)

M. Miss India / World / Universe

Please contact us for program details.

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